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        Shenzhen licheng automation technology co., LTD. Is a domestic technology enterprise which is committed to the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of intelligent robot, logistics system integration and automated logistics equipment. Main business: robot development and application - logistics independent sorting machine (linear cross belt sorting machine) - customs inspection system - automated three-dimensional warehouse -AGV robot.

        The company has a leading industrial concept, gathered a number of high standards, high-quality professionals, with the industry's advanced professional skills and research and development force, has repeatedly undertaken the ministry of science and technology, the national development and reform commission and other departments of scientific research projects. So far, the company has applied for a number of related patents.

        Lisheng automatic sorting and conveying technology has some practical application experience in China, mainly applied in the production and circulation fields of postal, express and e-commerce industries. In recent years, the automatic sorting system has been applied more and more widely because it can effectively solve the problems of high cost and low efficiency of manual operation in the early logistics system which is not fully planned as "distribution" and "delivery" process. Therefore, in recent years, the automatic sorting and transportation technology and application has gradually become a necessary link of logistics system planning and scheme design.

        Products of the company have been formed: the whole plant logistics transport series equipment; Automatic sorting system, robot application equipment; Stereo library and AGV robot and other series of equipment. We in the design, planning, installation, debugging these four aspects, can plan out a set of mature program. Scientific and orderly management and flexible and honest management measures to expand the company's scale, has in the international and domestic layout of the system of marketing network. We advocate scientific innovation and keep abreast of international and domestic advanced technologies. Our company has in-depth cooperation with the institute of computing technology, Chinese academy of sciences, Peking University, Hong Kong university of science and technology, shenzhen university and other well-known institutions at home and abroad. At the same time, the school of information engineering of nanjing university of finance and economics and the key laboratory of e-commerce of jiangsu province jointly developed a number of high-tech products and made technical breakthroughs. Has become the post, samsung, Toshiba, foxconn group, byd group, sf express, express, Vipshop and other domestic and foreign equipment suppliers of some well-known enterprises, has achieved good cooperation, and won the industry's praise and recognition.

        The company advocates scientific and innovative development, always "constantly improve products and services, to meet customer demand" for the mission, "to" achieve customer, innovation and development, the pursuit of excellence "as the core values, constantly improve and develop themselves, to become" the world's first-class logistics intelligent equipment high-tech enterprises "struggle!

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